Our Mission:

To help better our community by
being present in our community.

About Khelin’s Promise

Khelin’s Promise is an organization, based out of Washington DC, that encompasses both mentoring and community service. Through both, we aspire to enrich the lives of those who come into contact with either portion of our organization.
The four goals for our mentoring program are; to Inspire, to Educate, to Empower, and to Nurture:
  • Inspire them to give back to their community
  • Empower them with the tools they need to succeed
  • Educate them on the influential African American and Latinx who came before them
  • Nurture their value and love of themselves, reminding them how necessary they are
In addition to community service being a requirement of participating in our mentoring program, we facilitate numerous free community events. The hope is to provide an experience that will leave a permanent and positive mark in the memory bank of those participating in our events.

Our Impact

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Our mentoring program, now in its eighth year, is based out of both Achievement Preparatory Academy and McKinley Technology High School in Washington DC. Through monthly, and sometimes weekly, speakers we reinforce excellence by showing the girls/boys black and Latino women and men dominating in their respective careers. As we look to expand and cultivate the abilities of our mentees, each year they will learn an entrepreneurial skill. This year we will focus on photography. At the end of the school year girls will compile a book of their best photos.

Free events servicing the under served population in Washington DC

Our focus:

is on African American and Latinx girls and boys. As two of the most underrepresented and undervalued communities, it’s important that we focus on reinforcing their belief in themselves and helping them in cementing their footprints on the earth.

the father/daughter dance is an opportunity for fathers, who may not otherwise have the means, to provide an unforgettable day of showering their daughters with love and attention. No girl should feel left behind or unable to attend, as a result, “daddies for the day” are provided to girls lacking a father or active male role model. Dancing, flowers and sweet treats are all accompaniments to make this day truly fit for a Princess.

the mom/son day is an opportunity for mothers and sons to strengthen their bond through a day of fun-filled activities requiring their ability to navigate the activities together as a team. What’s a fun day without food, moon bounces and cool prizes?

no child should feel unprepared for school due to their living situation or the financial hardship of their parents. As such, for the past four years Khelin’s Promise has ensured homeless students attending Achievement Preparatory Academy have the supplies they need to begin a successful school year. If one of us fails, we all do.

who wouldn’t like to prom in an outfit tailored just for them? A new hair do/hair cut too? By submitting a 500 word essay 8th grade scholars are provided the opportunity for a prom makeover consisting of everything they need to steal the show.

in 2016 we decided to collect personal female toiletry items and purses to assist homeless women who might not otherwise be able to afford them. Little did we know there was an organization, Goodie Girl Bags, whose mission is to do that exact thing. Since 2017 we have made it a part of our mission to assist Goodie Girl Bags with providing with the items they need via a yearly toiletry supply drive.

could you imagine not only being out in the cold but having no way to feed yourself? So often we take for granted the things we do every day with ease, such as feeding ourselves. As part of our mission to INSTILL  a sense of community service and a desire to give back, we initiated our “operation pack and deliver” drive. We partnered with Avery’s on H Street, which opened up its space, and packed up lunch bags with meals to be hand delivered to the homeless.

Group 7

In 2016 girls from our mentoring group collected female toiletry items along with purses to provide women residing at the DC General Family Shelter. Since then we have facilitated several free events for residents of the shelter. Although the shelter has formally closed, our partnership has not ended and we will continue to provide events for its displaced residents.

In 2014, Achievement Preparatory Academy allowed Khelin’s Promise the opportunity to deliver school supplies for its homeless population and we have had a partnership ever since. In 2015 it opened its doors, allowing us to start our mentoring program on its campus and providing us the opportunity to impact the next generation.

Goodie Girl Bags
After completing our own toiletry/purse drive we were pleased to find an organization whose sole mission is providing those items to homeless women. For the second year in the row we will partner with Goodie Girl Bags to provide bras and other toiletry items to women in need.

McKinley Technology School
Khelin's Promise has entered into its 4th year of mentoring high school scholars at McKinley Technology School. Despite Co-Vid restrictions students were able to make meaningful connections, learn a skill, and give back to their community.


Kyndall Myers Memorial Scholarship

Kyndall graduated from McKinley Technology in June of 2022 with plans to attend the illustrious NCCU to major in sports management. Her goal was to become an athletic trainer. Unfortunately, while attending a party only a few days prior to leaving for college, Kyndall was murdered.

Kyndall strived for greatness, holding herself to the highest standard. She was an honor student throughout her life while actively cheering and dancing. Those who knew Kyndall would describe her as committed, loyal, caring, and helpful with an unshakeable faith in God. She was multifaceted; also enjoying doing hair and sewing.

The Kyndall Myers Memorial Scholarship will annually award two students with a scholarship. One pursuing entrepreneurship and one who plans to attend an HBCU, the two paths Kyndall was choosing.

Kyndall's smile is etched into the brains of all who saw it. Her spirit lives on through all those who love her and through this scholarship.

Scholarship Recipients:

Da'Chae Burch- attending Jackson State University with plans to become an attorney.
Cameryn Houston- Bennett Career Institute with plans to become a licensed cosmetologist.

Annual Interactive Sessions

Have you heard the interludes on “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”? The conversations and vibe in those is what we hope to encompass. Each year we gather black and Latino men and women from all over the (D)istrict (M)aryland (V)irginia to come and have small interactive sessions with middle and high school scholars. Topics range from love, relationships, trust, business and various other every day life concerns. The goal is to show them real men and women to look up to and aspire to be. In this era of reality tv and social media it’s important to show them real life people winning in various walks of life without degrading themselves.

Share Your Passion

“When you think of mentoring you tend to think of the impact it has on those being mentored but so often the mentor is impacted just as much, if not more. I’m grateful for the opportunities Khelin’s Promise has provided me to share not only my passion for sewing but the ability to turn my passion into a business with young girls. Its by sharing our passion that we can ignite a spark, a spark that becomes another black girl winning.”

— Jamila Madyun, Khelin’s Promise Volunteer

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